Every store has products. But, does every store have the customer service that you are looking for? At Northwest Liquors, we pride ourselves on helping our customers with their important purchases. Our services include:

Customer Assistance
Need help finding the perfect beverage for a party or meal? Just ask us! Our knowl- edgeable staff will help you pick the perfect product for your special event.

Product Knowledge
Our staff consists of people who have knowledge of all our products. A wine sommilier, micro-brew enthusiasts, spirits specialists, we have them all!

Car Side Delivery
Through rain, snow, or sleet we will deliver our products to your vehicle! Our courteous staff will make sure that your purchases are carefully taken to your vehicle.

Keg Beer
You can order your beer kegs through us. We include a tap, keg cooler and ice. Ask us about the brand and we will do the rest!